Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blessings, Lessons & April Fools

Some people say that everyone who touches your life is either a blessing or a lesson. I would add to that that some people are both. I know that sounds strange...this quote is really meant to explain why crappy people touch your life sometimes - that bully in junior high, the guy who cut you off in traffic, the old boss who didn't have a nice bone in his body. Even though they brought negativity into your life, you were meant to learn something from them. But today, I want to tell you that sometimes, people bring both - sunshine and rain, joy and sadness, smiles and tears. And those people are the "both."
Today we celebrate Tyler & Ethan's 4th birthday. Those boys, even though we only had them for a short time, were a blessing. They brought us 6 months of hope, excitement and love before they were called home to Heaven. But they were also a lesson. Their death was by far the most negative, sad thing to ever touch my family. Even through all that sadness, we learned so many lessons though - to not take anything for granted, to enjoy your kids because they're only small once, to love your family and friends because they won't always be here, and to enjoy life because that's what being here on this earth is all about. 
Four years ago, I thought this day was forever going to be marred with unbearable grief. Every year, over and over again, listening to the April Fool's banter and being so angry that people were playing stupid jokes on each other while my heart is breaking. How dare they, right? My brother and I used to love April Fool's day when we were kids because we'd always get my mom with the "Mom, the cows are out!!" joke. She'd go running to the window and we'd erupt with laughter and yell April Fool's!! Even after we both moved out of the house, we'd still call her on the phone and tell her that a friend was driving by and saw the cows were out...that only worked about 50% of the time (moms are always smarter than they let on) but it was still a fun little tradition. I haven't pulled that prank for 5 years now. I have hated April Fool's Day since April 1, 2011. But today, I'm taking a different approach. Tyler & Ethan would be 4 years old today. I think that was about the age when Addison started thinking April Fool's was hilarious (she'd yell it any day of the year, as a matter of fact), and she loved little jokes...jumping out from behind a corner, saying something silly like "There's a unicorn on the roof!" and yelling April Fool's! So I know Tyler & Ethan would think that it was awesome that their birthday was on the biggest joke day of the year. Just think - it's their birthday, so really I'd let them get away with just about any prank they could think of. So in that spirit, I just may plan an April Fool's joke or two today. And you should too! Do it in memory of Tyler & Ethan and all the lessons they've taught us all. And of course, tell me about it!! 
One last thing - you may have saw my Facebook posts about our March of Dimes Fundraiser, but in case you didn't...we raised over $2,500 for March of Dimes in memory of Tyler & Ethan! The fundraiser started out looking disastrous - we had problems with the original venue and had to cancel, couldn't find a DJ for a while, had to move the date - but it all turned out to be a blessing in disguise because this year's fundraiser was better than ever. Thank you to everyone who came, donated and volunteered - we couldn't do this without you! It's so awesome to be able to bring people together to remember our boys and raise money for a great cause in their memory. I hope to keep this going for a long, long time! 
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Tyler & Ethan - play some pranks on your angel friends today (and on me too if you're able). Love you always. 
Much love to you all,